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Hong Kong Golf Club New Course

The Hong Kong Golf Club New Course is probably our favourite golf course in Hong Kong and many serious golfers think it’s the best golf course in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Golf Club New Course may not have the views of somewhere like Kau Sai Chau, but it’s a much fairer test of golf whilst still being challenging.

The first hole at Hong Kong Golf Club New Course is what we think every first hole should be like. A relatively straight forward Par 4. Longer hitters will want to hit 3 wood or long iron off the tee as there’s a creek running across the fairway around the 260-280 mark depending on what tees you lay from. From there it’s middle-long iron to a large green. What we ike about this hole is it’s difficult to make a big number but not impossible. It’s straight forward, but you still need 4 good shots to make par and unless you really duck hook one off the tee, it’s hard to make a big number. Nobody wants to make a 10 to start their day.

The second at the Hong Kong Golf Club New Course is a short Par 3, great little two-tiered green. It’s an easy birdie hole but you can also make bogey in a hearbeat if you mishit your first. The 3rd at Hong Kong Golf Club New Course is dogleg left Par 5, tee off from a slightly elevated teebox and hit a good one and you can have a chance at going for it in two. The 4th is probably the hardest par 3 on the course, up the hill to a severely sloping back to front green and at 190-200 yards, most players will be hitting a long iron into this green. Whatever you do, don’t be above the hole. The 5th is a short Par 4, slight dogleg left, down the hill then up the hill. Many players hate this hole but we love it, you really should hit iron or fairway wood/hybrid off the tee but even if you hit the fairway, the elevated green is hard to hit. The 6th is another annoying but good little Par 4, the fairway is quite generous but the green is an absolute b!tch! If you’re above the hole, it’s very possible and quite easy to putt of the green, into the bunker. The 8th is a straight forward Par 3 with a large green but for some reason we can never get it close. The 9th is a strong finish to the 9 at Hong Kong Golf Club New Course. A longer Par 4 that will require a good driver and better approach to give you any chance at par or birdie.
The back nine at Hong Kong Golf Club New Course begins with one of our favourite holes, a reachable dogleg left par 5. Take off as much you dare but get penalised if you miss it. You don’t want to be hitting anything but an iron into this green, with water left, bunker right, it’s a brave golfer who goes for this in two with a fairway wood in their hands. The 11th is ho-hum straight forward, the 12th at Hong Kong Golf Club New Course is another strong Par 4 around the corner. Difficult driving hole and the approach is no picnic either. The 13th is a litte Par 3, probably the weakest hole on the Hong Kong Golf Club New Course. 14 is a good Par 5, again reachable with a good drive. 15 is beauty, nice driving hole down the shoot, and then the real challenge begins to hit your approach to this elevated green. 16 is 3 wood, middle iron, 17 a good par 3 and 18 is over the hill, aim way right of where you think because anything left is lost ball.

We’ve cut the coruse tour a bit short but we’ll revisit the back nine when we have more time. Check the HK Golf Club’s website to check course rotation as it’s not always available to the public. The Hong Kong Golf Club new course is a course you can play again and again, it’s not spectacular but as far as golf courses in Hong Kong, we think it’s the best. Part of it used at the UBS Hong Kong Open which they call the composite course, using holes from the Hong Kong Golf Club New Course and the Hong Kong Golf Club Eden Course, which we don’t fancy at all.