Indoor golf hong kong

Indoor Golf Hong Kong

Today resident Blogger Lars Reinstein talks about indoor golf hong kong.  Over the last half decade indoor golf Hong Kong has become increasingly popular due the closing of two of Hong Kong’s two most popular driving ranges (Asia Golf and City Golf).  I personally believe it’s also become popular due the fact that Hong Kong is either stiffling hot or raining. Or at least it seems that way to me lately!  Indoor golf Hong Kong is for many golfers in Hong Kong the only way to experience golf in Hong Kong.  Let’s explore all the places to play indoor golf Hong Kong.

Firstly, perhaps the most famous indoor golf Hong Kong was City Links Golf Lounge which was located on the 10th Floor of the Centrium Building above Dragon-i.  This indoor golf Hong Kong facility had 4 golf golf simulators and a bar making it popular for both serious golfers and casual punters wanting to get a bit of a Chardonnay Sway on while teeing it high to make it fly.  Unfortunately City Links Golf Lounge closed down and is no longer the best golf simulator indoor golf Hong Kong.

So what Indoor golf Hong Kong Centers are now open for golfers wanting to play golf in Hong Kong?  We have Golf Hideaway in Quarry Bay Indoor golf Hong Kong.  This was actually around before City Links Golf Lounge and has three golf simulators in Hong Kong and a really cool lounge with a pool table. Unfortunately because of it’s location, it doesn’t attract too much of the expat crown in Central, but with no traffic, you can reach this place in 5-10 minutes from Central. Just head up on the highway and take the Quarry bay exit, turn right after the second traffic light and you’re there. There’s parking very nearby, but cross your fingers as it’s not that big.  Even it it’s full, there’s another parking garage within 5 minutes walk.  Golf Hideaway Indoor golf Hong Kong is only open weekends by special request so book in advance if you plan on playing Indoor golf Hong Kong during the holidays.

Shortly after Asia Golf Driving Range closed down, someone had plans for Indoor golf Hong Kong and opened up a very large Indoor golf Hong Kong center in Cheung Sha Wan.  Green Live is huge and have gone all in betting that Indoor golf Hong Kong is going to become an industry with investments in Golfzon golf simulators and another location in Kwun Tong.  Look out for a review of Green Live HK at Golf in Hong Kong real soon.

The most central place for Indoor golf Hong Kong is, not surprisingly, a one-simulator facility in Central on the same street as City Links Golf Lounge once was.  It’s further down the hill so you only get half covered in sweat walking up the hill in the middle of summer.  If you’re looking to hit some balls during lunchtime and work in Central this is the ideal place to play Indoor golf Hong Kong and if you’ve had a stressful day, what better way to head on over to this Indoor golf Hong Kong and release some tension. What’s the name of this Indoor golf Hong Kong center?  Well, we’ll be reviewing it soon so check back real soon.  To find out now, please contact us. You can visit and use the contact details on their website.