Golf Hong Kong 2017

It’s been a while since we’ve posted so thought we’d give you a bit of an update on Golf Hong Kong 2017. If you like indoor golf and playing golf on simulators, there’s good news for you as a number of indoor golf centres have opened in Hong Kong in 2016. One focused on club cutting, one focused on instruction and some others that have popped up just trying to promote indoor golf. Golf Hong Kong 2017 will see how these indoor golf centres do, it’s going to be hard work for them with so many of them open and with very few of them answering any calls to work together to promote their centres. With our portfolio of websites, we pretty much dominate organic search for anything to do with Golf in Hong Kong and between our sites, we have the most monthly visitors to our Golf Hong Kong 2017 websites so it’s pretty surprising to see basically none of these indoor golf centres even reply to an email.

Our sister site, still sees daily inquiries for people wanting to take golf lessons in Hong Kong so there’s still people interested in taking up golf, even with the lack of golf courses in Hong Kong. Do people really want to play indoor golf over the “real” thing? Only time will tell. Golf Hong Kong 2017 on the instruction side has seen a tough year for many Golf Pro’s in Hong Kong, and the days of Pro’s earning 150,000-200,000+ a month are long gone.

On the equipment side of Golf Hong Kong 2017, we didn’t see so many golf shops in Hong Kong close down, probably because all the struggling ones had closed already in 2015. Our sister site still sees inquiries coming in for various golf clubs and equipment, but nothing like it did 4-5 years ago. On the club fitting and golf shafts in Hong Kong scene, we still get interest via Tour Spin Golf, despite not having updated the site for well over a year, but that’s a very niche market.

As for us, we played about 3 rounds of golf in 2016 and don’t plan on playing anymore than that in 2017 unless something changes. We may visit a few of these indoor golf centres in Hong Kong that have opened up but with their seemingly lack of interest to attract new customers, we’re not expecting anything great and predict at least half of them will be closed within a few years. Expect Golf Hong Kong 2017 to be much of the same as 2016, nothing too much new, a few closures here and there, and we do know of one golf centre reopening under different ownership that we expect to do well as they understand the concept of marketing and are open to partnerships and new marketing initiatives that will help them grow. Stay tuned for more info on this soon.  If you know of any new places opening up or any new developments for Golf Hong Kong 2017, let us know.