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Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay

The Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay 9 Hole course is much better value than Nine Eagles and much more easily accessible if you live on Hong Kong Island. From the Golf in Hong Kong offices in Pokfulam, it’s only a minute drive to Deepwater Bay. For public, just show up on the day, and unless you happen to come across a tournament, your chances of getting out are almost a given.

You must have a valid HKID to play Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay and the green fee is only $550 for 18 holes and includes the free pull cart/trolley. Compare that to Nine Eagles which are charging $640 for HKID holders and $790 without, there’s really no reason to play Nine Eagles when you can play a MUCH better golf course for less price. The only reason would be if you were limited to playing weekends.

Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay is onky 9 holes, the second nine you play from slightly different tee boxes but hit to then same greens. The first hole is a very straight forward short Par 3 that plays around 90 yards. The 2nd is a 150 Yard slightly elevated tee with the green hidden. The 3rd takes you back in the direction of the club house and plays around 120 yards, as does the 4th. The 5th is a long one which can play over 200 yards and the 5th at Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay takes you into the valley. The 8th is the only Par 4, a dogleg Par 4 which is almost impossible to reach despite being driveable. Anything right is fine. The 9th is a long 241 yard par 3, make par here and the beer tastes a whole lot better.

Sure, there are no outstanding holes at Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay Nine Hole course but it’s a much better experience than Nine Eagles – you don’t get the complete beginners and real hackers as you do at Nine Eagles, the pace of play is good and our only gripe is that the holes are a little too close together but with the space they have that’s quite understandable. The course is usually in excellent condition, the greens are fast and true and it’s just a nice few hours out if you don’t want to make the long trek to one of the other few golf courses in Hong Kong.

We wouldn’t play the Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay every week, but it’s definitely worth considering if you have a few spare hours free. If you play during summer, bring your togs and go for a swim afterwards in deepwater bay. For inquiries, call the Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay course at 2812 7070 or visit the Hong Kong Golf Club Deepwater Bay website by clicking here