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Tuen Mun Golf Centre

Tuen Mun Golf Centre is another one of the Government owned and operated driving ranges in Hong Kong and is actually a pleasant surprise.  Tuen Mun Golf Centre is about 35-40 minutes from Central but again it’s a relatively easy drive mostly on the highway which is generally not congested.  Being run by the government, the booking rules are a bit funny but if you have an HKID you can book online.  Find out how to book by visiting the Tun Mun Golf Centre website http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/golf/tuen_mun.html.  Make sure to check the opening hours because they’re not open all the time. There’s free parking there or it’s right near the MTR if you feel like lugging your clubs on the train.

The range itself is only 200 yards, it’s two stories, 91 bays.  Being located in what is considered the wop-wops in Hong Kong (for anybody who loves on the Island), we were pleasantly surprised by Tuen Mun Golf Centre.  We booked online and discovered that our $12 was on the bay fee (not including balls), but the staff very friendly and helpful changing it to the proper “Package” booking, which cost $48 per hour and included unlimited golf balls.  The range bays are nice, mats are in excellent condition, golf balls are a bit of mixture, mostly old but some new ones mixed in there you can save for letting the big dog eat.  The range shape is a funny triangle shape,  the best area to hit from is Zone A (see image below) which gives you the longest driving area. We hit from Zone B, ground Floor, bay 27, and could hit long irons. 3-Woods hit the fence but at it’s longest it is definitely at last 200 yards so you can have a decent work out.

Tuen Mun Golf Centre also has a number of chipping and putting greens., They aren’t in the best shape, but definitely usable and better than most other short games in Hong Kong. Unfortunately they were all closed on the day we went (closed every Thursday) but we had a good look and the bunkers look okay and you could definitely do some decent practice without it being magnificent.

Would we go back to Tuen Mun Golf Centre Driving range in Hong Kong?  Yes, it’s relatively easier to get to, the atmosphere is quite relaxed, there’s a small “local” restaurant there, we didn’t go int but it looks to serve up local noodles and things like that.  The Pro Shop seems okay and the facilities are better than average.  The best thing about Tuen Mun Golf Centre is the mats, all quite new.

We would definitely rate Tuen Mun Golf Centre as one of the better driving ranges in Hong Kong, if only it were a bit longer.



Tuen Mun Golf Centre Hong Kong