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Tai Po Driving Range

This is another one of the driving ranges in Hong Kong that has got a lot busier since the closing of Asia Golf. Again, it’s about 45 minutes from Central, presuming you go through the Western Tunnel and it’s even more run down than Garden Farm Golf Centre. The actual range (where you hit to) is a bit of a goat track but hey, there’s not much choice.

This is the third driving range in Hong Kong that we’ve reviewed over the last month – this month we look at Tai Po Driving Range in Hong Kong. Tai Po driving range is about a 40 minute drive from our Golf in Hong Kong offices in Cyberport and about 30 minutes from Central. The drive is an easy one, and most of the way is highway so the traffic is not too bad.

Let’s start with the negatives about this Hong Kong driving range. If we were being really mean, we’d probably say Tai Po Driving Range is a bit of a shit hole, it’s run down, old and badly in need of a renovation. The green is either long, dead, or mud. The driving range mats are old and the bit where you hit off has one half completely worn down, and the other had is all fluffy. The actual mat where you hit from is also worn down so it’s like hitting off an uneven lie sometimes.

Tai Po Driving Range is a very large driving range in Hong Kong, there are in fact two ranges, 140 bays total. When we went out one of the ranges was closed and the other was half empty (less than 10-15 people practicing). The facility is decrepit (see photos of Tai Po Golf Park below) and it’s embarrassing to be honest. They also “boast” a putting green (again see photos), but this is probably the worst attempt at a putting green I’ve seen in 25 years in golf. It really shouldn’t be even called a putting green and what’s more baffling is that they actually charge for it.

There’s also supposed to be a short game area, practice area and practice hole. We didn’t see that, but can only imagine what those are like. Don’t think we missed much. We’ve been pretty harsh so far so what about the positives of this driving range in Hong Kong?

It’s big, so even during weekends you probably won’t have to wait long. That’s about it. They have a weekday special for $100 for 2 hours (usually $80 per half hour) but check pricing on their website to make sure it’s still available and what times it’s valid. Other than the size, unfortunately we struggle to find good things to say about this range. The staff there hang around like bad smells, walking back and forth constantly checking your ticket, and, although this didn’t happen to me, one of the staff stood behind a guy when the time was up to make sure he vacated the bay on time. A bit too much in our opinion especially considering there were about 60 bays free. Another positive is parking is free.

Will we be making a return to Tai Po driving range in Hong Kong? Not likely. It’s not worth the drive, and Garden Farm Golf Centre, despite also being a bit ragged around the edges is better, not a lot better, but definitely better.

Unfortunately this is one of only a few choice of driving ranges in Hong Kong, so it’ll survive.

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