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Garden Farm Golf Centre

Garden Farm Golf Centre has now become of the most popular driving ranges in Hong Kong since Asia Golf Driving Range has closed down. It’s about 40-45 minutes from Central in Sai Kung. It’s a bit run down and nothing special, balls a bit old but better than nothing. You need to book to get a Bay, even on weekdays since the closing of Asia Golf.

I just took a trip out to Garden Farm Golf Centre in Sai Kung. It’s about a 40 minute drive through the Western Tunnel out there. They have some very clear and correct directions on their website, which is probably the best thing about this Driving Range in Hong Kong. Granted, it’s been raining in Hong Kong for what seems like the last year, so the grass was long, mud everywhere and the short area, which looked like a sheep paddock, was closed probably due the amount of rain.

The mats were in okay condition, quite acceptable. The balls were a bit of a mixture, there’s some news ones mixed in with some old ones, and the old ones are old, like no dimples and can go 20-30 yards less than the new ones. Looking out from the range, it just looks scraggy and messy, there’s been no attempt at all to make it look nice and it’s a shame because they’ve got quite a good location. There’s actually two driving ranges separated from one another (about a 4 iron away) but only was open when I went. They have a weekday special going on now which is quite good, $100 for 3 hours. Makes sense, because I personally wouldn’t drive that far just to hit balls for an hour.

Overall rating for this Driving Range in Hong Kong – 3 out of 5, and 1 of that is because there’s not much else available.

Check out their website http://www.gardenfarmgolf.com/en_index.php for all the fees and other info. Some pics below which aren’t that flattering, but then again Garden Farm Golf Centre in Sai Kung is a driving range in Hong Kong that’s not flattering. Still, there’s not much else out there. Next week we’ll take a look at Tai Po Driving Range.