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Driving Ranges in Hong Kong

Driving ranges in Hong Kong are few and far between and if you happen to live on Hong Kong Island, you’ll need to drive at least 35 minutes to get to a proper outside range.  However that’s all changed as Hong Kong’s original indoor driving range, Golf Hideaway, has now reopened.  Golf Hideaway features the same brand simulators as used by Tiger Woods, Jason Day and many of the world’s best players. With a driving range mode, you can now practice your game without having to drive miles and in the comfort of Hong Kong’s best indoor golf lounge.  Click Here to visit Golf Hideaway.

Over the past few years two of the best driving ranges in Hong Kong closed down – City Golf and Asia Golf. Whitehead Driving Range in Hong Kong is also temporarily closed.  Now there’s only a handful of driving ranges in Hong Kong you can practice at but we give you the low down on all the driving ranges in Hong Kong.

With office rent in Hong Kong now the highest in the world, space is at a premium so if you live or are staying at a hotel in Hong Kong on the Island, there are simply no outside driving ranges on Hong Kong, with the exception of the SCAA, which you can read more about by clicking the links below.  You need to drive at least 40 minutes to get to an outdoor range.  However, if you’re into indoor golf, there are quite a few small indoor golf centres featuring golf simulators that you might like to call driving ranges in Hong Kong.  If you’re looking for the real thing, though, Hong Kong is not the right place.

It’s a sorry state of affairs for driving ranges in Hong Kong, but if you want to practice, you just have to take the right attitude and not expect anything great. people trying to build driving ranges in Hong Kong are faced with sky high rents making it almost impossible for a driving range to be sustainable, let alone profitable.

The main driving ranges in Hong Kong are:

Other Driving Ranges in Hong Kong

SCAA (South China Athletic Association Driving Range)

You need to join the South China Athletic Association to play this driving range in Hong Kong, and it’s only open weekdays 17:00-23:00 and Saturday from 16:00-2300, outside of those times it’s a soccer field. The range is also pretty short so this not really one of the driving ranges in Hong Kong that we recommend.

Waterfall Golf & Gym

Waterfall Golf & Gym is also a bit of a sad excuse for a driving range. It’s semi indoor (on a roof top) and is only about 60 yards in length. It’s quite disheartening to see your purely struck 7 iron travel 60 yards and bounce of a net! There’s some short game areas but unless you’re really desparate you won’t be interested in the short area.

Golf Lab HK

Golf Lab HK is another indoor golf facility that could be considered as one of the driving ranges in Hong Kong. We haven’t been there yet but will soon be posting a review as soon as we’ve checked it out.

Demon Golf

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 2015. Demon Golf will be closing it’s doors at the end of the this year.  Demon Golf is small golf lounge in Sheung Wan. We’ll also be posting our review of Demon Golf very soon so stay tuned.

Sky City Nine Eagles

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 2015.  Sky City Nine Eagles Golf Driving Range wis now permanently closed.  Another one bites the dust!  Not really a driving range but it does have a putting green, chipping green to practice your short game.   Take a golf lesson at this driving range in Hong Kong.

Whitehead Driving Range

Temporarily Closed

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