City Golf Hong Kong – Give It A Miss

By Guest Blogger Sam Lynds

Being school holidays I took my 3 1/2 year old boy into City Golf Hong Kong on Wyndham Street a few weeks back and won’t be going back there again. I booked the night before at 10:30a.m for an hour, showed up at around 10:20 and said I had made a booking at 10:30, the receptionist, who was friendly enough said no your booking was at 10a.m, I told her no, I made it for 10:30, she said ok no problem. We started playing around 10:20 and didn’t think much of that. Upon finishing at 11:30 sharp, went to pay and were told “that’s an hour and a half, it’ll be $675”. Now instead of complaining I thought I’d write about this experience and tell the 3,500-4000 visitors that visit this blog every month. It’s this type of mentality that helps so many businesses in Hong Kong go out of business. The money is insignificant and not important, but why, oh why do they have to try and get every cent out of you. If they hadn’t of done that, I’d have written perhaps a more positive review, and wouldn’t have suddenly noticed what a total waste of time that City Golf Hong Kong is.

$675 (I’m not totally sure of the exact amount, but certain it was six hundred and something dollars. For that, I can go play a proper round of golf at Kau Sai Chau, why on earth would I want to play golf for an hour inside for that amount of money? They provide golf gloves at City Golf Hong Kong but really, who wants to stick on a dirty, stinky glove that’s been used by god knows how many other people? City Golf Hong Kong also provides golf clubs but they don’t seem to be complete sets with a mix and match type philosophy going on. Their Full Swing Golf Simulators worked fine, we didn’t really get to test them properly since my son took about 4 air swings before hitting his driver about 5 yards for most shots. There are quite a few indoor golf enters in Hong Kong opening up lately, and unfortunately I don’t think City Golf Hong Kong is going to last that long if they’re going to rip people off like this.

Oddly, they also sell Ham, so if you happen to be in the mood for some Ham during a round of indoor golf, City Golf Hong Kong might just be the ticket for you. So the final verdict? I definitely won’t be returning, but kudos to the receptionist, she tried to sign me up for membership after charging us for 30 minutes we didn’t book or use. I don’t think so.